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Duties After A Loss

Insurance Claim Duties, You Have Duties
Insurance Claim...You Have Duties

1.     Give prompt notice to insurer/carrier or its agent

2.    Notify the police in the event of a theft loss

3.    For a loss involving a credit card, an electronic fund transfer card, or an access device, notify that appropriate card or access company

4.    Protect the property from further damage, including making reasonable and necessary repairs and keeping records of any such repairs and expense

         [Note: If a contractor goes beyond repairs that protect the property, such as cleaning damaged items and beginning permanent repairs that are not necessary to prevent further damage, this could limit the ability to collect all that you are entitled to under your policy because you did not preserve and prove your damages.]

5.    Cooperate with the insurer/carrier in the claim investigation

6.    Prepare a complete inventory of damaged personal property, showing the quantity, description, actual cash value and amount of loss

7.    Make the damaged property available for inspection

8.    Provide insurer with documents as requested

9.    Submit to an examination under oath

10.   Provide a sworn, signed proof of loss within 60 days after the loss or after the Insurer’s request, advising the following:

      • time and cause of loss

      • interest of all insured’s and others in the property 

      • other insurance that may afford coverage

      • changes in title or occupancy of the property during policy term

      • specifications of damaged buildings and detailed repair estimates

      • inventory of damaged personal property

      • receipts for additional living expenses incurred and records supporting fair rental value loss

      • evidence or affidavits supporting a claim under the credit card or forgery extension of coverage

Burden of Proof? 

It falls on you the Insured!

The Insured's Duties 

"...According to the insurance policy, the insured must prove (1) that a loss is covered by the policy, (2) the amount of the loss, and (3) that the insured has complied with all duties and conditions specified in the policy.  After a loss, the insured's duties are the essential conditions of the insurance policy..." (Popow 5.10)

Popow, Donna J. Property Loss Adjusting. Malvern: American Institute for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters/Insurance Institute of America, 2007.

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